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HTMC20 Nicole vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Wrestling --

Type: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 16 min
Nicole vs Darrius Fight

Darrius is looking over a newly built ring as Nicole shows up late to help build it. Once Darrius tells her it is already built, she wants to get paid. Nicole insists that he needs to give her a check. They decide to test out the new ring and see if Nicole is going to get her check. Darrius thinks he has nothing to fear from Nicole, and doesn’t take her anger seriously. Bad idea!! Darrius puts her in a headlock, only to take a knee to the groin and a kick to the ribs. Nicole picks him apart with body punches, a head butt and a choke out with her legs. Stopping just short of knocking him out, she uses the ropes to continue choking the life out of him. Darrius is able to catch Nicole off guard and hold her high in the air with a bear hug. He then drapes her over the ropes upside down, and proceeds to punch and kick her in the stomach. He gets cocky and pays for it, as she comes off the ropes and knees him in the ribs, then kicks him in the chest. The battle goes back and forth with Darrius getting Nicole in a bow and arrow hold, and arm bar, a snap mare. Nicole retaliates with a body scissors and sleeper hold, head scissors and a low blow! Nicole shows Darrius that she is well versed in kicking his ass with hands or feet. The trash talking is as painful as the holds as Darrius returns the favor and stomps on Nicole’s crotch. They beat the living hell out of each other, as Nicole seeks to get paid for her Labor of love

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