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HTMC18 Kristiana vs Duncan
Genre: Mixed Wrestling --

Type: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 16 min
Kristiana vs. Duncan Wrestling

Both wrestlers warm up in their corners with a look of determination that only body language can express. The sexy Kristiana meets Duncan in the center of the ring and quickly pounces on him trapping him in a head lock and taking him to the mats. She transitions to a grapevine while still having his head locked in her powerful arms. What looks like a short night for Kristiana suddenly turns into a fight when Duncan rolls her over and gets her in a small package pin. They both roll around the ring looking for dominant position until Kristiana manages to catch his head in between her legs, face down she squeezes his head while locking his arm in a hammer lock. Duncan tries to escape but gets caught in a figure four head scissor and arm bar. Duncan’s never say die attitude is the only thing that saves him from submitting, as he powers out and gets her on her stomach locking up her ankles. Not satisfied with inflicting enough punishment he puts her in a full nelson and rolling them both over adds a body scissors. Adding insult to injury he tickles Kristiana and shows he has complete control. Both wrestlers gain and lose the advantage in this fight with moves such as: ankle locks, eye rakes, head locks, throws, body splashes, body punches, head scissors, reverse figure four head scissors, over the knee back breakers, and much more. Kristiana works Duncan into a very painful reverse figure four and makes him tap out. Normally this would end the match, but when Kristiana gets her lust going, it’s hard to stop her. She tortures poor Duncan stomping on his stomach, working his neck with her strong thighs, and head butting him for messing up her makeup. The last few minutes of this match Duncan is put into his own personal hell thanks to Kristiana until she finally knocks him out.

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Spoiler: Krisiana Wins

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