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Crystal vs Frankie Z – Squash Match (2009)
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 27 mins

Crystal (then Carla) and Frankie are roommates, and Frankie mocks Crystal for being weak. Frankie has no respect for Crystal’s cheerleading and thinks she herself is superior as a wrestler. After being mocked, Crystal challenges Frankie to a test of strength, starting with body scissors. Crystal goes first, with Frankie being amused and laughing at how weak Crystal’s squeeze is. Then it’s Frankie’s turn, and Frankie’s well-muscled thighs cinch tightly around Crystal’s little body. Crystal immediately begins suffering and showing signs of pain, Crystal starts begging for Frankie to let her go, but Frankie doesn’t want to. This sets the tone for the rest of their “competition”, as Frankie seeks to punish little Crystal for not admitting Frankie is superior. A completely one sided squash match where Crystal is Frankie’s squeezing dummy!

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Catfight Wrestling Squash Match

Fantasy female wrestling, Crystal is destroyed by Frankie Z!

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