Chi Chi vs Kim Chi Dirty MMA
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 10 mins

Chi Chi Medina takes on Kim Chi in an MMA fight that becomes a very dirty ground wrestling game. As the girls grapple for dominance and the tops get pulled off, the tits are fair game for punch targets, and as weapons with breast smothers! Humiliating pins, facesitting, chokeholds, scissors and body punching dot this match. This is a majorly sexy match, with both fighters wearing thongs that seem to disappear as they grapple. Chi Chi puts up an admirable fight, but the greater skilled Kim Chi comes out on top after submitting Chi Chi with an armbar. Your winner, Kim Chi!


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HTM Wrestling
Fantasy Topless MMA female wrestling
Starring: Chi Chi Medina, Kim Chi
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This WMMA style female wrestling video features: Breast smothers, face sitting, buttfloss thongs

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