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Irene Silver Big Glove POV Boxing
Genre: POV Boxing -- Length: 15 mins

Irene Silver Topless POV Boxing with “The Big Gloves” (28oz) Custom video.

Irene walks into the ring, as you shadowbox in the corner. She is so happy that you were able to show up to this session. She laces up her extra large glove, and is looking to give you an extra large beatdown. She warms up and quickly removes her top, as she enjoys boxing topless, and hopes you do not mind. After a few seconds of her stretching and shadowboxing, she taunts you and the fight is on!

Things start off playful as you both land punches to each others face. Things get a bit more intense as you target her tits while she is trapped in the corner. You can see the ire behind her smile as she begins to open up putting you in the corner before sending you to the canvas. She poses on the ropes as you get to your feet. Things get spicy as the “semi comp” session continues. Taunting, low blows, knock downs and brutal body shots, and head ringing face punches go back and forth until a knockout, only makes things get more intense!! Ms Irene Silver is going to give you a session you will not soon forget, and will have you begging for more.

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“Big Glove” Topless POV Boxing custom in 1920×1080 HDMP4

Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio

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