Goldie Blair Defeated! Topless POV Boxing
Genre: POV Boxing
Length: 8 mins

Goldie Blair is back at Hit the Mat! This custom topless boxing POV features Goldie sporting custom Union Jack trunks bearing her name, and the BIG 28oz boxing gloves! Those gloves practically look normal sized next to Goldie’s massive chest! The challenge, can Goldie box effectively wearing those huge gloves?

It seems, not so much! The big boxing gloves just slow Goldie down, and she’s barely able to land an effective punch. She is sent tumbling to the mat repeatedly, and literally gets her ass beat! Goldie gets boxed around the ring and dominated so decisively, even her gloves end up falling off! Lots of breast punching, belly punching, head snapping hooks and knockdowns, and even some low blows. Welcome back, Goldie. It’s great to beat you again!

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POV Boxing

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Topless POV Boxing featuring Goldie Blair as the damsel in distress, custom video4


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