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Ariel X Returns! Maledom POV Boxing
Genre: POV Boxing -- Length: 8 mins

It’s been a long time since going 1 on 1 with Ariel X in the POV boxing ring, and this time it’s two-glove style. “You” touch gloves with Ariel X and get right in to the action, going for the body as punches bounce off her abs with ambient glove hit sounds. Then Ariel X eats punches to the face, with her head snapped back and forth by hooks, bobbing up and down from jabs and uppercuts that leave her stunned and stumbling around the ring. Also “cheap” shots to her breasts, some low blows and hits while she’s down. Any punch she tries to throw is parried or countered, and it’s a completely one sided maledom boxing beatdown. After the final knockdown and count out, she is stripped of her top and left laying topless and KO’d.

Ariel X’s fantastic jobbing skills, punch reactions, head snaps, some eye rolls, sexy grunts and groans are on full display!

Maledom POV Boxing Ryona

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