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Ariel X vs KK Qing Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 12 mins

A foxy boxing fantasy battle that looks like something straight outta Punch-Out! The imposing giant KK Qing towers over Ariel X, at 5’11″ vs 5’3″ 1/2. KK mocks that Ariel can barely reach her ass, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall! Ariel X’s skill and experience manage to give her an explosive opening lead against the giant KK, rocking her with big overhand swings. But when KK Qing strikes back, Ariel is sent flying..nearly out of the ring! This one is a slobberknocker with bombs exploding back and forth!
Just a few of many notable fight moments:
02:24 – Epic swing from KK Qing knocks Ariel X down and nearly out of the ring!
05:45 – Ariel X works the giant KK Qing’s belly in an attempt to chop her down to size!
06:27 – Ariel X knocks the giant down again with another sensational uppercut
08:25 – Now KK Qing works Ariel’s body, opening her up and breaking her down, sending her to the canvas at 09:25


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HTM Boxing
Who wins? Next time, you choose!
Fantasy female boxing (SFW/Non-nude)

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