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Megan Jones POV Boxing Defeat!
Genre: POV Boxing -- Length: 9 mins

“You” wake up at Megan Jones’s feet, and rise up for some payback. Megan starts off throwing punches, but gets a bit overconfident and starts eating counterpunches. Megan is quickly seeing stars, getting her head snapped repeatedly by jabs, hooks and uppercuts. Megan is backed in to the corner, and gets opened up for some solid punches to the belly. You can see the glove’s repeated impacts, and then it’s time for a few punches to the breasts! Megan tries to cover up, fight back, and swing big, anything to stop the punishment. But she is dodged and countered, becoming more and more dazed from the repeated head-snapping blows. There are even a few crotch busting low blows for good measure! Megan gets a little cross-eyed near the end, and hits the mat hard several times. It’s a crushing punch-out defeat for Megan Jones as she is knocked to the canvas one final time for the 10 count KO!

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POV Boxing Defeat

POV Boxing Fantasy

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