POV Boxing - Crystal POV Boxing Championships -

Crystal POV Boxing Championships
Genre: POV Boxing
Length: 17 mins

Crystal and You are both boxing champions in your respective genders. Crystal thinks it’s time and challenges you to an intergender championship match between lovers, thinking she’ll easily take both belts. Crystal’s prediction seems to be coming true as she dominates the first round, but the second round she takes a beating. The 3rd round is an almost punch-for-punch slobberknocker of a slugfest. But Crystal seems to be gaining ground, despite taking beating to the belly. By the fourth round, it’s all Crystal and she beats you up, down and around the ring. She mounts you and pounds you as she counts you out, then stands up for a victory pose and celebration.

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POV Boxing Defeat

POV Boxing custom clip featuring Crystal. You won’t find Crystal boxing ANYWHERE else! Also…Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves!
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