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Lola vs Vanessa Belly Punching 2012
Genre: Belly Punching -- Length: 16 mins

After their wrestling match, Lola an Vanessa glove up for a belly punching contest. The trash talk is nearly non-stopped as these two girls trade body blows that cause clear impact waves. There is little respect as they mock each other and try to prove who is tougher. They take turns trading punches in boxing gloves standing, then MMA gloves on their backs with the other on top. Vanessa’s belly turns noticably red and you can even hear the ring shake when Lola pounds her on her back a few times! Vanessa seems able to take harder hits, but isn’t quite the puncher that Lola is.

At the end Vanessa is about to take her turn to punch Lola again, when Lola clocks Vanessa with a right hand to the face, ending the contest. Scripted action with solid hits.

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Belly Punching Female Training
Belly punching female fighting

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