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Mixed Fighting - Andrea vs Darrius Bare Knuckle Brawl -

Andrea vs Darrius Bare Knuckle Brawl
Genre: Mixed Fighting
Length: 17 mins

From the vault, a fantasy fight match that took place after their mixed boxing match that ended in a double knockout. Andrea is bragging that she’s dominated everyone she’s ever been in the ring with, Darrius takes exception to this, and blindsides Andrea with a sneak attack. He continues the assault with face and belly punching, but Andrea fires back and gets him on the defensive. Several minutes of back and forth struggling and brawling, Darrius comes out ahead, kicking Andrea out of “his” ring. Once Andrea sees the “damage”, a massive shiner over her eye and much of her face..she becomes enraged. Returning to the ring, she thoroughly beats the out of Darrius and kicks him out of the ring, calling him a bitch for good measure.

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Mixed Wrestling fantasy fight action at Hit the Mat

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