Amo Morbia vs Darrius Real Belly Punching
Genre: Real Mixed Belly Punching
Length: 13 mins
Amo Morbia comes to Hit the Mat! Darrius challenges Amo to a real belly punching contest after their boxing match (coming soon), and Amo is ready to go. Both determined to make the other fold, they start out slow taking 10 punch turns and challenge each other to go higher and higher. Things get more intense and Darrius takes Amo down with punches to the solar plexus. Then he gets her back up and continues to punch her until she’s left dry heaving on the canvas!

Production notes: Around the end of the clip, Darrius punches her a little too high and Amo gets the wind knocked out of her, but is unable to speak. Darrius asks if she wants to quit but she nods no, so he continues until she goes down. Not realizing she’s in serious trouble, he gets her back up and continues to hit her, until she goes down again coughing and heaving. The video cuts here to make sure she is OK, and ends shortly after.

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