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Vintage Foxy Boxing – Cheyenne Jewel vs Sam Grace
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 13 mins

The Lingerie Boxing League returns! Cheyenne “Jack Her Jaw” Jewel takes on “Spicy” Samantha Grace, two boxers who have long been looking forward to fighting each other. Sam sports a black bra and panties with black 16oz vintage style Everlast boxing gloves, while Cheyenne dons light brown lingerie with brown 16oz vintage Wilson boxing gloves. Both fighters are swinging hard, giving it their all, but neither can seem to hold the advantage very long It’s a back and forth slugfest! Who will win? Next time..you choose!


Note that preview clips may have slightly offsynced audio
HTM Lingerie Boxing
Fantasy vintage foxy boxing in lingerie. Rounds 1 to 3 of the main fight.
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