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Soniya Beats Duncan Down – Mixed Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 15 mins

Soniya is about to give Duncan the beating of his life! From the vault, a 2010 fantasy mixed boxing beatdown with Soniya completely dominating Duncan. He runs his mouth at the start proclaiming Asian girls can’t fight. Soniya comes at him and the ass whipping begins. Soniya doesn’t seem to care much about boxing rules, and the “ref” seems a bit too scared to penalize her. She constantly hits Duncan with knees, kicks and punches him when he’s down, even body splashes him! Duncan’s body turns red from the impacts. Includes a short POV beating sequence with Soniya on top! Part 1 of 2.

Fantasy female domination mixed boxing, however Soniya lands plenty of stiff punches and some kicks to the body.

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mixed boxing

Asian dominates white man in mixed boxing

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