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Mixed Boxing (Topless) - Santana Topless Mixed Boxing vs Darrius -

Santana Topless Mixed Boxing vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Boxing (Topless)
Length: 9 mins

Santana takes off her top and puts on the gloves at Hit the Mat! Santana thinks taking on Darrius will be a piece of cake, given her years of experience fighting both men and women, and her boxing skills. Her speed, strength and skill give her an advantage over Darrius early on as she pounds his midsection while his punches sail over her head. The blows get a little low, and Darrius is floored early on. It turns into a brawl with Santana punching him on the ground, and Darrius firing back with an epic boob shot. Once he has her down he pounds her belly and has her gasping for air. They both continue to fight dirty and taunt each other, with Santana’s lovely exposed breasts taking quite a beating. After a hard and action packed fight, the loser is left laid out!

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