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Female Boxing - Samantha Grace vs Lauren Phillips Strip Boxing -

Samantha Grace vs Lauren Phillips Strip Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing
Length: 25 mins

Samantha Grace and Lauren Phillips are back in the HTM ring looking to get some training from Darrius, after they both got their asses handed to them by Rusty. Darrius leaves a note with the first lesson: Whoever wins this match gets the REAL training, and toughen up, cupcakes! It’s a strip boxing match and upon each knockdown, the loser must lose some clothes. Sam starts off strong, downing the “Amazon” Lauren and Lauren is the first to strip. After absorbing quite a beating, including to the breasts, Lauren manages to score a knockdown against Sam and the match becomes a back and forth fight. Both girls end up nude and battered across the face, belly, bare breasts and crotch..but who will end up knocked out and tied up as a naked human punching bag?

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Female Boxing Clips4sale
Fantasy foxy boxing, every knockdown a girl loses clothing!
Spoiler: Lauren wins

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