Nicole Oring Dominates Darrius and Duncan
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 31 mins

Shot back in 2011, a long buried match where Nicole Oring easily and single-handedly dominates Darrius and Duncan…? Either Nicole put something in the water or maybe this was her own personal custom script! Darrius and Duncan do get Nicole pinned for some 2 on 1 action, but overall Nicole knocks them around the ring and their asses without mercy. A fantasy femdom fighting beatdown!
Webmaster notes: Darrius and Duncan didn’t pay the ransom money in time, so this match gets released!

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Mixed Boxing Femdom

Femdom mixed boxing with a script we think may have been written by Nicole in 2011!
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Want to see Nicole get her ass kicked 2 on 1 in a maledom match? Check out Nicole Defeated 2 on 1

This clip is quite notable for being the origin of the Nicole Punching Duncan meme:

Nicole Punching Duncan Meme

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