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Foxy Boxing - Mutiny vs Erika - Punch Out! -

Mutiny vs Erika – Punch Out!
Genre: Foxy Boxing
Length: 12 mins

Two beautiful boxing babes meet in the ring for the first time at Hit the Mat! Mutiny meets Erika in the ring, and talks some trash, believing Erika only beat Darrius by luck. They head to their corners after the brief exchange, and the fantasy foxy boxing match is on!

Mutiny pops Erika with her punches repeatedly, but it doesn’t seem to phase Erika. Erika is even tougher than she looks! Erika takes Mutiny’s punches without even breaking a sweat, but what will happen to the lovely Canadian Jobber when it’s Erika’s turn? Lots of head snapping jabs, uppercuts, POV action, and even Mutiny losing her top as Erika punches her into oblivion.

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