Madison Swan vs Rusty Nails
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 19 mins

Madison Swan returns to Hit the Mat! The sweet, fit beauty takes on the beast Rusty Nails in a boxing match. Madison’s aggressive, but her super-solid ripped abs take quite the beating. Featuring close ups of head-snapping jabs and hooks, and Madison’s solid abs getting punished. Madison suffers several knockdowns, and struggles to get up. At the end of the third round, Madison is still out on the floor. Rusty, not satisfied with only 3 rounds, wakes her up to continue! Madison’s a fighter, but she doesn’t stand a chance, gets beaten about the ring and Rusty knocks her ass out once more. Looks like Madison and those ripped abs are going to get tied up, blindfolded and used for a human punching bag!

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HTM Boxing
Male domination fantasy mixed boxing in 1920x1080HD. SFW / Non-nude
Lots of hair whipping head snaps and belly punching!
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