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Madison vs Irene Fight 3 – Slut Slugger Secret! Foxy Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 16 mins

Madison Swan and Irene Silver touch gloves once again for another fight in their boxing rivalry. But this time, Darrius has given Madison some specially modified versions of the “slut slugger” boxing gloves, but to Irene they just look like the normal gloves she’s come to love so much.

But once the bell rings and after Irene’s taken only a single punch, she’s gotten HER bell rung! Madison’s punches are now much stronger than Irene has expected, and Irene suddenly finds herself knocked punch drunk. Try and fight back as Irene may, Madison’s newfound punching power is just hammering Irene out of her gourd, too dizzy and woozy to even stand up straight as she flails around and falls over and over like a drunkard. Neither Irene’s tits nor belly are spared this powered up punishment either, and Irene is just smashed in more ways than one. Her battered about brains leaving her with a bit of a goofy grin plastered on her face, totally out of it and a wee bit jolly as a punch drunk jobber.

After Madison’s finished having her fun with 3 rounds of beating Irene’s brains out, Madison finishes her off with some titboxing, another jaw shattering haymaker sending her to the mat, then finally mounting on top of her for some rapid fire face punches, pounding her punch drunk brains to mush. This wasn’t even a contest… Madison knocks out Irene easily thanks to Madison’s little secret!

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Spoilers – Onyx wins

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