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Mixed Boxing - Jennifer Thomas vs Duncan Boxing -

Jennifer Thomas vs Duncan Boxing
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 17 mins

Out of the vault, a previously unreleased fantasy mixed boxing match between Duncan and Jennifer Thomas, circa 2011. This is the full match, all 3 parts in one download.

The lovely Jennifer is flexing her tight body in the mat room, waiting for her opponent. When Duncan arrives, the trash talk begins and the match starts soon after. The gloves begin flying as both fighters trade blows with increasing ferocity. There’s little finesse, they just want to knock each other out! After a knockdown, the battle continues with Jennifer waking up at Duncan’s feet! What happened? Jennifer doesn’t want it to end in humiliation like this, and the two continue to box. Another heated exchange of blows follows, but Jennifer once again seems to be losing ground to Duncan. Who would have thought he could be so tough?? With Duncan dominating the match thus far, this last round is going to be it if Jennifer can’t pull it together. Jennifer’s power hasn’t served her too well here, and Duncan even taunts her on it. As the beating continues, can Jennifer make a comeback? Or will this be Duncan’s strongest showing in boxing yet?

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Spoiler : Duncan wins by knockout!

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