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Irene Silver vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 12 mins

Irene Silver is back at HTM for a match with Darrius. And what a match it is! Maledom mixed boxing fans, you are in for an epic treat. While it seems like the 5’10″ TKD black belt Irene Silver will fight Darrius on even grounds at the start, she soon finds herself getting worked over in the corner with belly punches and Darrius has taken control. Her head is being whipped around like a pinball by Darrius’s hooks, an uppercut that lifts her off her feet, then Darrius spins her around and lands a massive right hook that sends Irene tumbling across the ring for a phenomenal knockdown!

And thus the tone is set for a high-impact, head snapping, jaw cracking, nose breaking epic maledom beatdown. Irene Silver’s boxing jobber performance is among the best ever seen as she gets knocked around like a ragdoll and hits the mat HARD! Darrius removes her top in the middle of the match, then begins to focus on adding some topless breast punching for good measure. There’s tons of fight in Irene but she is ultimately overwhelmed, gets her ass kicked and knocked out for the 10 count.


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HTM Boxing

Fetish highlights: Fantasy maledom mixed boxing, topless boxing, mouthpieces, battle damage, head snaps, knockdowns, knockouts

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