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HTMV09 Raquel vs. Onyx
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 30 mins

Type: Female Boxing
Length: 30 min
Raquel vs. Onyx

These two former partners glove up in the boxing ring to see who is best female boxer. Both girls hit the canvas as they see who is the queen of the ring. Good friends, better enemies! This matchup was inevitable. These two female warriors have faced each other numerous times in wrestling, and now they decide to find out which one of them is the best boxer! A quick interview with Onyx, in her corner shadowboxing, shows how she is ready to take Raquel down. Raquel, in her corner shadowboxing, says how Onyx is getting a bit too cocky, and how she is going to take her out. They come out as the bell rings for round one, with a bit of trash talking. No real feeling out period, these girls are ready to bang on each other! Which boxing babe will be queen of the ring?
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