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Felicia Bound and Beaten by Aaron Hummer – Belly Punching
Genre: Belly Punching -- Length: 11 mins

Belly punching bondage custom script featuring Felicia tied in the corner with her hands bound behind her back, wide open for punishment from Aaron Hummer.

With Felicia bound in the corner as a bit of a damsel in danger. Aaron steps eager to get to work,  looking for some payback after the surprise ass kicking Felicia handed him back in April. 
Aaron starts to work over Felicia’s defenseless belly, turning up the intensity slowly and seeming to enjoy punishing her quite a bit, using her as a human punching bag. No added sound effects, just real, increasingly hard belly punching with the sound of his gloves beating in to her belly like a fetishists ASMR.  Lots of close ups as Aaron mercilessly pounds away at Felicia’s belly with the goal of breaking her.

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