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Angelica KO the Italian Knockout – Femdom POV Boxing
Genre: POV Boxing -- Length: 8 mins

Want to see what a boxing session with a real female boxer looks like? Straight outta Rome, Italy, with her LEONE Italian brand boxing gloves and gear to boot, we have Angelica KO, the Italian Knockout.

We start off with Angelica KO on the heavy bag, throwing POWERFUL bombs with speed and precision of a REAL experienced boxer. Angelica works up a sweat, then gives us a nice show of her muscles with a bicep flex. We come to Angelica KO in her corner looking a bit dazed after another fight (coming soon), and “you” are here for your session. Angelica then springs to life and starts peppering you with jabs and hooks, real impact POV boxing style. Angelica also talks a bit of trash in her native Italian tongue, as she eagerly pummels you around the ring, upping the intensity as the session goes on, knocking you down several times before finally knocking you out. If you dream about boxing sessions with real, strong female boxers, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Want to have a boxing session with Angelica KO yourself? You can find her on Session Girls!

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