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Buff Blondi and Kendra Allure vs Darrius
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 18 mins

Buff Blondi and Kendra Allure take on Darrius in a tag team vs single boxing match.
Buff Blondi takes him on first, can’t seem to get the job done. Blondi is largely dominated in their match, getting only a small but of offense and knockdown before getting knocked out.
Now it’s the much larger and more experienced Kendra Allure’s turn. Kendra comes out swinging hard and strong, managing to knock Darrius down. But Darrius strikes back with a lowblow, breaking Kendra’s momentum and taking over the fight, dominating her. Kendra still manages to score a knockdown but ultimately loses the round.

Tired of the cheap shots and low blows, Blondi and Kendra decide they will both take on Darrius at the same time, punching the taste out of his mouth while he’s busy fellatiating himself. Now it’s just a 2 on 1 femdom double team beatdown until KO. Goodnight, Darrius!

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