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POV Boxing - Bikini Thug Cori POV Boxing -

Bikini Thug Cori POV Boxing
Genre: POV Boxing
Length: 8 mins

Time to get in the ring with “Bikini Thug” Cori! Cori accepts your challenge to a boxing match, and despite her claim of practicing, she doesn’t start off so well. She eats numerous punches to the face , belly and breasts, even a few below the bikini line to the crotch! After a quick workover and K O , Cori wakes up and her bikini top is gone! Now topless and enraged at your taunting, Bikini Thug gets up and kicks your ass. While you still try to fight back, she brawls with you, beating you up and knocking you down, then finally celebrating with a bouncy victory dance after defeating you!

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POV Topless Boxing

POV Boxing with Bikini Thug Cori

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