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Mixed Boxing - Andrea Topless Mixed Boxing Rematch -

Andrea Topless Mixed Boxing Rematch
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 16 mins

Andrea returns to HTM for a fantasy mixed boxing rematch with Darrius! No words wasted, just a short warmup before the bell. Andrea is looking confident and wants some revenge. She’s also looking hot as she boxes topless! This is an action-packed match with both fighters going after each other, trying to establish dominance. Andrea is fast and boxes at a higher level than Darrius’ is used to. Will he be able to knock her out again? Or will the tenacious domme put his lights out?

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Mixed Boxing Fetish Fighting
Full Story: Awhile back, Andrea made an explosive debut at Hit the Mat, easily knocking out Duncan in their mixed fight video. On his way out, Duncan distracted Andrea and Darrius got the drop on her, punishing her for their entire mixed boxing match and defeating her. The redheaded domme did not take kindly to this, and took her frustrations out on the newcomer Chip, next time she boxed in our ring. Chip was beaten and defeated so badly that he quit the industry after just one match! Now Andrea finally has the chance to take on Darrius again. No surprise attacks this time. Will Darrius be able to knock her out again, or did he simple get lucky last time?

Spoiler : Double knockout!

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