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Andrea Rosu Semi-Comp Sparring
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 23 mins

The lovely redhead Andrea is back! She has long been the talk of the scene for her skillful punches and and dominatrix attitude. Her boxing has been praised as near-pro level. Now you get to see what she can REALLY do. Andrea goes at Darrius with all her might. Can he fend her off? How long will Andrea’s stamina hold out against a bigger, and well trained opponent who isn’t simply her punching bag?

This is unscripted semi-competitive sparring (even her top coming off wasn’t implicitly planned) and the first part of “The Gauntlet”, a series of challenges between Andrea and Darrius. This is the battle she has been training for.

Alternate title: Andrea Rosu vs Darrius – “The Gauntlet”

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