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Wanna Wrestle 2: Amazon Annie vs Annie Cruz
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 20 mins

Amazon Annie is crushing little women again! Annie Cruz challenges the tall powerhouse Amazon Annie to a wrestling match, which the Amazon is initially amused by, but then insulted. Amazon Annie takes Annie Cruz through an extensive size comparison session, showing her why wrestling the Amazon is such a bad idea. They compare height, foot size, hand size. Then Amazon Annie decides to show Ms. Cruz who’s boss! The Amazon grabs Annie Cruz from behind with a bearhug and takes her down, and we learn just how flexible Annie Cruz is when Amazon Annie ties her in knots!

A wide variety of pins, holds, bearhugs, camel clutches, boston crabs, bows and arrows, surfboards, chest sitting, body splashes, and other holds Amazon Annie invents to torment Annie Cruz in this absolutely epic mega squash match! Annie Cruz suffers total humiliation, domination and defeat.


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HTM Wrestling
Epic female wrestling custom squash match!
Starring: Amazon Annie, Annie Cruz
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