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Crystal vs Amazon Annie – Squash Match
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 16 mins

Crystal is set to fight Amazon Annie in a female wrestling match, but when she sees Amazon Annie is more than TWICE her size, Crystal is ready to bail! Annie stops her (otherwise, she won’t get paid!), and puts little Crystal in a vicious Vice Grip, squeezing her head tight. Crystal struggles to break free, but Amazon Annie won’t let go for several minutes. Annie then drags Crystal around by the hair, adding some more humiliation to the pain. The massive Amazon then traps Crystal in a rear naked choke sleeper hold, and Crystal very slowly is on her way out. Annie starts manipulating Crystal’s bare feet and toes rather painfully to wake her up, only to make Crystal suffer a bit more through bone-crushing holds. Once Crystal is out for good, Annie play’s with Crystal’s face for even further humiliation.

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Custom fantasy female wrestling script with a focus on crushing holds and KOs.

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