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Catfight Beatdown - Veronica Vhynes vs Max Mikita -

Veronica Vhynes vs Max Mikita
Genre: Catfight Beatdown
Length: 26 mins

Veronica Vhynes makes her debut at Hit the Mat! And uh oh, her first opponent is the rookie abusing bully Max Mikita! Max disrespects Veronica right away, grabbing a handful of her hair from behind as she stretches and asks what this “little girl” is doing in her ring. Max begins a vicious one sided fantasy catfight beatdown, and Veronica’s top gets pulled off within the first few minutes. Her large breasts get abused, pinched, her belly pummeled, and more as she is slapped and dominated around the ring. It’s going to be a long and painful night for Veronica Vhynes!

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Catfight Female Wrestling

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