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Max Mikita Destroys Erika
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 24 mins

Erika’s heard of Max Mikita’s reputation as a bully at HTM, and thinks she can beat the crap out of Max. Max says nothing, preferring to let her actions speak for her. Bigger Max wins the initial test of strength, but Erika keeps coming at her, getting some knees in to the body. That seems to be the last bit of offense Erika can mount, as Max digs in with some painful holds, pulling her hair and hammering Erika’s solid abs. Max takes control for a one-sided beatdown the rest of the match, and even pulls Erika’s top off for some breast abuse as well. Max has Erika writhing in agony, a complete and total squash for the rest of the video.

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Fantasy female wrestling squash match. Filmed in March 2013

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