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Sheena vs The Hungarian Huntress Pro Wrestling
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 12 mins

Sheena takes on The Hungarian Huntress (formerly the Hungarian Hammer) for some pro-style female wrestling! Two immensely strong and skilled fighters locking up in a battle for dominance. Sheena very clearly has the advantage in this style of fight, lifting, slamming and slapping submissions on The Huntress with ease. You can’t discount The Huntress’s strength, however, as she manages to power her way out and reverse several of Sheena’s holds. But just when it looks like a burst of vicious offense might give it to the Hungarian Hammer, Sheena breaks out THE SLAP. A slap so strong it has a history of straight knocking people out! The SLAP nails The Huntress so hard, that Sheena is easily able to get the pin for the win. Your winner, The Hungarian HURRICANE, Sheena Bathory!

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