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Sheena vs Hungarian Huntress
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 18 mins

Two Hungarian powerhouses clash in the Hit the Mat boxing ring! Sheena Bathory and Hungarian Huntress trade leather in a fast-paced exchange of blows for 5 rounds. The Huntress is quite the tank, but it’s clear Sheena’s skill and aggression (and the occasional illegal spinning backfist) give her the advantage. Sheena attacks The Huntress’s body with VICIOUS combos, hammering away with ferocity and technique we don’t often see. Despite the relentless pounding, the incredibly tough Huntress still manages to knock Sheena down a few times. Both fighters display great defense, but Sheena’s footwork, technique and ruthless aggression ultimately prove too much for The Huntress, who Sheena defeats by KO.

This fight is a mix of fantasy and light sparring, with many real shots to the body, some lighter shots to the head and fantasy punch “selling” for headshots.

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