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Mixed Wrestling - Pam Ward vs Darrius Mixed Wrestling -

Pam Ward vs Darrius Mixed Wrestling
Genre: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 20 mins

From the vault, a fantasy mixed wrestling match from late 2009 featuring Pam Ward! This match is actually quite rough, with Pam ending up red from the exertion and pressure. Her fighting style and wrestling moves are very unorthodox, and Darrius has a hard time with her. She loves small manipulation, something usually banned from matches. Pam is somewhat distracted with her wardrobe (with Darrius near deftly removing her bra with his feet), and sometimes gives up the advantage to adjust herself. She should not take Darrius so lightly, as he uses this to his advantage to get back on top. Lots of back and forth, and some unconventional wrestling action, with several wardrobe malfunctions/nip slips!

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Blonde Mixed Wrestling

Spoilers: Darrius defeats Pam Ward by a knockout chokehold

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