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Mutiny vs Darrius Dream Match – MMA
Genre: MMA -- Length: 11 mins

The boxing gloves come off and the MMA gloves go on as Mutiny and Darrius continue their fight. Right away, Mutiny is attacking Darrius, trying to beat him down. Darrius goes for her breasts with punches, and even grabs hold real tight! The action gets down and dirty, if not slightly erotic between these two with the crotch busting and grabbing on both sides. All targets are fair game, despite the protests of cheating. It’s a close and rough battle, but Mutiny takes advantage with lots of ball busting and has Darrius hitting notes you’d never imagine he could hit. Mutiny counts Darrius out for the knockout, only to reveal, it’s all been a dream??


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Mixed Boxing

Custom script shot in 2013, part 2 of 2. Fantasy mixed wrestling, topless.

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