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Maledom Mayhem! Vol 3 Backbreaker-fest
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 13 mins

Male domination mixed wrestling highlights collection with a focus on back breakers, boston crabs, and other holds that stretch out and crank the female wrestlers’ backs. But now, a word from our sponsor:

Back pain is a difficult thing to deal with. Here at HTM, our male mixed wrestlers are happy to use their skill, strength and experience to work the “kinks” out of our female wreslters’ backs. While holds like the “Torture Rack”, “Back Breaker”, “Boston Crab” etc, sound vicious and dangerous, our trained experts can use it to stretch those overworked muscles out and decompress the lower spine. Ladies can even enjoy a bonus ab workout, while bent and stretched over the knee with a few hits to the belly. HTM Chiropracty – Established in 2003, with many happy customers.

Back breakers and variants
Torture Racks
Boston Crabs
Surfboards and more!

Happy customers include:
Frankie Z, Barbara, Goldie, Mutiny, Hollywood, Kristiana, Devon D’amo, Devon Michaels, Nicole Oring and Christie Ricci

Male domination mixed wrestling compilation featuring Backbreakers!

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