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Mixed Wrestling - Labor Day Video! Stephy C vs Darrius! -

Labor Day Video! Stephy C vs Darrius!
Genre: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 17 mins

Stephy is a new girl who is trying to work her way up in HTM’s roster of wrestlers. She’s decided to clean the mats for preparation, for what she hopes to be her big break into Hit The Mat. Darrius dashes her dreams when he informs her that he doesn’t think she has what it takes to be a wrestler and maybe she should stick with cleaning. Stephy gets pissed and decides to wipe the mats with Darrius. That doesn’t go as plan as this sexy young grappler gets put in painful hold after painful hold. She almost goes out a few times as Darrius chokes the life from her. Her eyes flutter as he brings he to the brink of a knockout then brings her back for more torment. Darrius teaches a harsh wrestling lesson to Stephy that almost brings tears to her eyes. Stephy is a game fighter but for most of the match she is dominated. Will this stop her from achieving her goal, or does she have some tricks up her sleeve that will make her victorious?

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