KK Qing vs Sarah Brooke Wrestling
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 20 mins

The Giant vs The Queen of Catfights! The 5’11″ KK Qing squares off against the 5’4″ Sarah Brooke, starting with an epic staredown showing the stark difference in height! The battle begins with a test of strength, and..Sarah Brooke is winning?? But not for long, as KK slams a knee to Sarah’s gut, sending her to the canvas. KK Qing quickly gets on top her for a rear chinlock and body scissors, then Sarah finds herself in an even more dangerous position with the Giant pinning her down, and humiliating her with a breast smother! Just when it looks like it’ll be an easy win for KK, Sarah Brooke bucks her off and traps her in a hold from behind, like a spider wrapping up her prey.

The Giant is the one in trouble now, as Sarah Brooke draws on years of battle hardened experience for ways to wear out KK Qing and bring her down to size. Modified camel clutches, knees to the body, headscissors, grapevines, surfboards, a variety of creative pins and chokeholds, armbars, bow and arrows are just a few of the hellish tortures Sarah Brooke visits upon KK Qing. KK struggles and screams, but this has become an absolute quash match with Sarah Brooke in complete control of her giant opponent. Once Sarah’s had her fill of KK’s screaming, she locks in a rear naked choke sleeperhold, and it’s lights out for The Giant. Your winner, Sarah Brooke!


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Competitive unscripted female wrestling

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