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Kirra Blaze vs Darrius Maledom Wrestling Squash Match
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 13 mins

The 5’0″ Kirra Blaze faces off against the 6’2″ Darrius. Do we even need to say how bad of a squash match this is going to be?

Kirra Blaze and Darrius fight over an HTM branded beanie, because y’know, it really does look warm and comfortable. Darrius doesn’t approve, and is going to beat some respect in to the tiny Kirra. Darrius, looking like a kaiju when they lock up, easily takes control and overpowers the tiny girl. Scissors, submissions, and lots of LIFTS are Darrius’s favored tools of mixed wrestling torment. Try as she might, the massively outmatched Kirra Blaze just stands no chance. Darrius strips Kirra of her top, her pride, and of course eventually the beanie, in a completely one sided wrestling domination beatdown.

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