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Jennifer vs Onyx – Last Woman Standing
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 21 mins

Jennifer Thomas vs Onyx – Last Woman Standing – Female Wrestling (Custom Video)

Both ladies, in match red one piece outfits, start the match with some trash talk. Onyx knows she is going to win this time, no matter how many times Jennifer has beaten her before. They lock up in a test of strength, and it is quickly shown who the stronger wrestler is. A low blow stops the actions, but they jump back into a lock up and its on!

Jennifer shows off her power as she puts Onyx in a variety of holds, arm bars, full nelsons, belly punches, and neck cranks. Onyx, shows why she is so feared as she will use any move to win. Hairpulling and biting are not off limits for her. Both girls take beatings in the corner as they both struggle to get the first pin to end the round. Sexy body are put through savage moves as each wants to not only win but destroy their opponent. The winner stands triumphant over her opponent, and the loser lays on the floor planning their revenge.

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Fantasy female wrestling (custom video)
Spoilers: Jennifer Thomas wins

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