Jennifer Thomas Dominates Santana
Genre: Female Wrestling
Length: 32 mins

Jennifer doesn’t like waiting. When Santana is late, Jennifer is pissed. Santana thinks nothing of it, believing her skill and experience will get her through this wrestling catfight like they have prior, but underestimating Jennifer is a mistake! As they lock up Santana is quickly overpowered by the much stronger Jennifer, and soon screaming in pain from the vice grip Jennifer has on her. Jennifer is just having her way with Santana, mounting her and putting her in holds and nerve pinches. Try as she might, Santana just cannot break Jennifers holds, and . Too bad when she wakes up, Jennifer isn’t finished with her yet! Things only get worse for Santana as Jennifer begins to taunt her while choking her out, softly stroking her hair between yanking it and more nerve pinches. Crushing bearhugs, hairpulling, lift and carry and more humiliation are just a few of the things Jennifer visits upon Santana. Even though Santana eventually manages to fight out and gain the upper hand for a bit, she soon finds herself overpowered and getting dominated by Jennifer again and again. Santana even gets laid out by breast smothering!

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wresting catfight

Catfight wrestling girls Squash Match

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