HTMV59 Barbara vs Duncan Rematch
Genre: Mixed Wrestling

Type: Mixed Wrestling
Length: 32 min
Barbara vs Duncan Mixed Wrestling Rematch
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Barbara is warming up in the ring as Duncan approaches. She is surprised that he would show up given the fact that she almost kicked his butt last time but the night manager stopped the match. Duncan disputes her perception and challenges her to a 2 out of 3 fall rematch. They start off in the hold they ended the last match in, a double head scissor until a hard stomach punch from Duncan releases the hold. The action is hard hitting as elbows and knees fly, necks are squeezed and limbs are twisted! The first submission comes from a figure four neck scissors that leaves the loser almost knocked out, and the winner gloating. They fight back and forth in a competitve match, with one gaining the dominant advantage and then the other. But who is the final victor?
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