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Delta vs Darrius – Lift and Carry Maledom Wrestling
Genre: Lift and Carry -- Length: 23 mins

Darrius feels he hasn’t been kicking enough ass lately, and Delta’s ass is the unfortunate one he’s going to toss around “his” ring. Cocky and overpowering, Darrius dominates Delta from start to finish, immediately taking control in wrestling, and soon lifting the tall model right off the ground in to a backbreaker carry. Darrius loves keeping Delta trapped in the air, only allowing her down to apply more painful wrestling holds, or beat her up with punches to the belly and breasts. Delta ends up completely naked, and Darrius uses that chance for some nipple torture. Darrius lifts Delta up, spins her around, and cranks her in painful holds before knocking her nude ass out, twice! Darrius pins her twice afterwards, finishing with a leg hook pin on the naked Delta for even more humiliation. Total male domination!

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This maledom mixed wrestling lift and carry video features:

Interracial male domination wrestling, damsel in distress Delta overpowered, Delta stripped of her top for topless maledom lift and carry, back breakers, fireman’s carry

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