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Camel Clutch Vol 1 Maledom Mixed Wrestling
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 6 mins

Camel Clutch! Compilation Volume 1 – Maledom Mixed Wrestling
A collection of camel clutch clips featuring the men dominated the ladies in mixed wrestling.
Camel clutch clips from -
Goldie vs Darrius (HTMC8)
Tomiko vs Duncan Oil Wrestling (HTMV44 with breast grab)
Devon Michaels vs Darrius (HTMV57 Camel Clutch + Modified Camel Clutch Sleeperhold)
Barbara vs Duncan Rematch (HTMV59)
Sofia vs Darrius (HTMV63 Camel Clutch + Modified Camel Clutch Sleeperhold)
Roxy Rockette vs Darrius (HTMV66)
Devon D’amo vs Darrius (HTMC23)
Frankie Z vs Duncan (HTM6B, Modified Camel Clutch Sleeperhold)

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HTM Wrestling
Fantasy mixed wrestling male domination via camel clutch
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