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Annie Cruz Destroys Shozan
Genre: Mixed Wrestling -- Length: 21 mins

Annie Cruz is in the ring to destroy someone, she doesn’t care who. Unlucky Shozan is making his Hit the Mat debut and could end up Annie’s victim. He catches her by surprise with a full nelson, zips her top off then slams her down to the mats. Now topless Annie gets up fucking pissed and takes it to Shozan, and the two are fighting for dominance. Annie’s strong legs seem to be getting the better of Shozan (every day is leg day, bitch!) and once Annie begins kicking, stomping and crashing down on Shozan’s balls, she completely takes over for the rest of the fight. Annie gets some impressive air time as she crashes down to crush his nuts, and squeezes the fuck out of him with her scissors. Don’t piss off Annie Fucking Cruz and welcome to Hit the Mat, Shozan!

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