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Agent Crystal Crushed by The Amazon
Genre: Female Wrestling -- Length: 12 mins

Secret Agent Crystal is preparing to move in on The Amazon (Amazon Annie), a large and dangerous woman known for crushing people with her legs. Unfortunately for Agent Crystal, The Amazon is right there and hears everything. The Amazon enters the ring and TOWERS over the tiny Crystal! Grabbing Crystal by the throat, the Amazon takes her to the mat and begins squeezing Crystal’s body with superhuman strength. The Amazon’s body scissors and legs are so strong, Crystal’s body is left red from the crushing pressure. That’s only the beginning for poor Agent Crystal, as The Amazon thoroughly enjoys crushing people and has even more pain in store for her. The Amazon squeezes Crystal’s head and body with all kinds of scissor holds, before carrying her away limp and unconscious body to finish her off at the end.

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Fantasy wrestling domination custom featuring Amazon Annie and Crystal

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