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Hit the Mat Latest Releases

Famous Female wrestler Amber O’Neal steps into the boxing ring with our resident male boxer Darrius. She is confident she is going to, “bust him up”. Darrius is not impressed as he turns his back to her and walks to his corner. At the sound of the bell she wastes no time jumping on Darrius and making good on her promise. A rapid pace of punches leaves Darrius punch and trapped on the ropes, and in the corner she tears up his belly. As he hits the canvas Amber is there standing over him abusing his ego as her gloves abused his body.

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Nicole also takes on Helena in a Tickling match!
Nicole Oring is stretching out in the HTM mat room, when Helena walks in, with boxing gloves on, and wants to challenge Nicole to a boxer vs. wrestler match. Helena upset that Nicole bested her before using tickling and wants to fight Nicole again. These bikini clad babes have quite the tickling torture match!

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